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Serenade machine

The Java Butler is a Starbucks Premier Provider

Exciting news: The Java Butler® has recently been selected as a Starbucks Premier Provider. In practical terms, The Java Butler® is now authorized to offer all of the Starbucks programs for the Workplace and Marketplace channel, including the new Serenade machine, a bean-to-cup machine that produces Starbucks Café quality beverages, on demand. Having the Serenade machine in your business, or in your institution, enables the Starbucks experience to be delivered to you and enjoyed right there. You and your employees do not have to leave work. And, your customers can enjoy a cup of Starbucks gourmet coffee in your establishment, while they transact business with you. Win win.


A perfect cup with a thoughtful touch.

With engaging content on its intuitive 17″ screen, the versatility to add a customer payment option and the ability to brew 50 8 oz. cups per hour, Serenade™ single-cup brewer offers your guests, employees and business a genuine Starbucks Experience.

Three whole bean hoppers with five coffee varieties to choose from