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in Central and Southern Florida

There are tradeoffs in the quality-price continuum. Usually, not always, the higher the price, the higher the quality. Although our machines allow the use of any coffee brand, blend or style that the customer chooses, we have researched the market and have determined the recommended options that fit most situations. For regular coffee, an ingredient in about 80 to 85% of our available servings, we use The Java Butler Blend, a brand roasted to our own specifications. For our chocolate and French Vanilla we use Swiss-prepared products.

People’s tastes and preferences are not alike. All of our individual beverages can be prepared to different specifications of intensity and penetration of flavor. Some customers prefer a more “wholesome” texture and flavor. Our machines allow our barista knowledge to adjust the grind and quantity of our coffee servings, as well as the quantity of water. Our espressos and even our black coffees are prepared with “crema,” the signature of a well-prepared high quality coffee. Since our machines also have a mixer, we additionally add texture and foam to our beverages.



Our deJong machines can offer up to 36 servings prepared from up to 3 kinds of coffees. Some of our most popular beverages offered in all of our machines are

Black Coffee

Each cup is prepared one at a time from whole beans ground and brewed at the very moment you select your serving. Regular or decaf.


The classic Italian concentrated coffee is prepared from a high pressure boiler, just like the ones in our machines. Prepared with traditional “crema” – coffee bean froth.


The other popular Italian beverage: coffee to which milk and a touch of sweetness from chocolate is added.

Caffe Latte

Coffee is added to a generous quantity of milk. The mixture is whipped for a good foamy texture.


Similar to HOT CHOCOLATE, but with coffee served at the beginning for an extra combination of flavors.

French Vanilla

Very popular. Low on caffeine. Even though the name has the word French in it, our version is prepared in Switzerland.

Hot Chocolate

Great way to start the day during the fall, winter and spring months. Rich Swiss chocolate spreads inner warmth throughout the body.

Hot Water

Even though our deJong machines can be configured to prepare fresh tea directly from tea leaves, most of our clients prepare tea from bags with the hot water served from the machine.


The traditional Cuban serving: an espresso “cut” with a touch of foamy milk.

Our Coffee

Very much like the blends of single malts in Scotch whisky and the blends of grapes in Bordeaux wines, The Java Butler selects high altitude Arabica beans with a touch of Robusta to produce a coffee blend that will delight the senses. We roast to a medium-bodied flavor to draw out the unique qualities of each bean to maximize the coffee’s palette. The most noteworthy characteristics of a properly-produced cup of coffee are fragrance, aroma, and acidity. In each cup prepared with coffee from the bag that you are holding, you will encounter the desired fragrance of the roasted beans, an appealing aroma of the brew, and just the right degree of acidity. Perfect. Enjoy.


The fresh coffee tastes great: our customers love it… If you don’t ever want to visit your beverage problem again, The Java Butler is the way to go; we have been using him for over five years now without a single problem or dispute.

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