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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the system work?

A: We provide the machine, coffee, milk topping, chocolate, French Vanilla, cups, sugar, stirrers, napkins, and all other peripherals required for a high-end coffee service. The machine has a counter, such as the odometer on an automobile, and based on the number of servings it has dispensed, at the end of the month, we invoice based on a price per serving.

Q: How often do you come by to service the machine?

A: We go by your establishment at least once a week, sometimes more depending on usage. At that time we clean the machine and restock product.

Q: Do our people have to get involved with the machine?

A: Our machine brews one fresh cup at a time, our tag line. But even though employee participation is minimal compared to using conventional brew pots, yes, there is some attention required on your part. The container of waste grounds must be emptied daily, and bins with coffee, milk, chocolate, and French Vanilla must be checked in case they need to be topped. The emptying and topping is a five minute operation. Compare that number with the time involved with brewing and cleaning a traditional coffee maker several times a day and the associated
cost of employee time.

Q: How many servings will we get with a full machine load?

A: Our extended bins store 4.4 lbs. of whole bean coffee. That is enough coffee for at least 250 coffee servings. Since chocolate, hot water, and French Vanilla do not use coffee, a fully loaded-machine should last for about 300 servings.

Q: Can we buy the machine?

A: Yes you can, but we do not recommend it. If you buy it, it becomes your machine, and your responsibility to keep it working. Even though the technology is not “rocket science’” all mechanical items require knowledgeable maintenance. The Java Butler has developed the skills and the knowledge. We feel you should dedicate yourself to your business and not dedicate your time to other endeavors that will distract you from your business goals. Let The Java Butler take care of the gourmet coffees and beverages served at your establishment. It’s what we do!

Q: What is so good about “Brewing one fresh cup at a time?”

A: When coffee is ground, the oxygenation process is accelerated and coffee begins to lose its natural properties. Thus the closer to serving a cup that you postpone the grinding, the closer you will be to tasting the authentic fresh coffee flavors.

Q: Can The Java Butler offer vending?

A: Yes, our machines can be fitted with a vending option.

Q: If some of us like a particular coffee, can we request it be used?

A: Yes you can.

Q: What kind of water hook-up do you need?

A: The usual installation is that we take water from under a sink, and we ourselves execute the connection and provide materials. In some cases where there is no nearby water, we provide a separate pump that draws water from a five gallon water bottle, which is your responsibility to refill.

Q: How long is the required contract for your services?

A: Zero months. We do not require a contract. We feel we have to earn your trust every day. If you are not happy with our services, you let us know and we take away our equipment. But we have clients that have been with us continually for more than 9 years, almost the age of The Java Butler, FOUNDED IN 2003.


The fresh coffee tastes great: our customers love it… If you don’t ever want to visit your beverage problem again, The Java Butler is the way to go; we have been using him for over five years now without a single problem or dispute.

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