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Whether it's Italian Roasted or Swiss Chocolate, we offer and deliver the best  quality-technology-service-price combination in the area.  >> moreThe Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS) designation is the coffee service industry's Mark of Distinction awarded by NAMA.View testimonials written by our clients to learn more about our high quality, 24/7 service, direct from the owners.  >> moreWe research technology. We were the first in Florida with LED displays. Learn more about the equipment we use.  >> more
Quality Products
Certified Coffee Specialist

The Right Blend of Coffee, Service, Technology, and Price.

Coffee not only fuels productivity, but also makes customers and guests feel welcome in your establishment. Better coffee equals happier customers and employees. But the first priority of businesses is to care for their own business, not for coffee service. However The Java Butler’s first priority of business is precisely that: providing excellent coffee service efficiently for businesses in Central and South Florida.

With a variety of carefully selected coffee and espresso machines that brew one fresh cup @ a time for each employee or customer, anyone can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at any moment. We deliver and set up your coffee station for you with everything you need: machines, cups, stirring sticks, sugar, cream, teas, chocolate, and, of course, coffee, wherever you need it. You don’t have to worry about making coffee in the morning or having coffee ready as customers come in; our machines are always ready to prepare a beverage on demand. Your employees do not leave work to get a cup of coffee; they like the coffee at their own work place!

The Java Butler has been selected as a Starbucks Premier Provider. So in addition to our tradional service, we offer Starbucks products in the Starbucks Serenade machine.

All of our systems are environmentally friendly. Bean to cup means no capsules or packages to dispose of. We also prefer to use our own paper cups.

Schedule coffee delivery for your lobby, waiting room, conference room, event, break room and more. We want to earn your business and your trust, so we don’t require contracts; we earn your trust every day. Contact us today at 239-850-1170 to learn more and get a quote.

Featured Machine:

Wittenborg 9100

Private label our machine with your logo or marketing message.

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The Java Butler’s products have helped us provide more value than what our customers pay. The quality of the end product and ease of use for our employees ensures that our customers get a product that exceeds the expectation and reflects well on our business.

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