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The Java Butler: Tico Moreno

Tico is originally from Costa Rica, one of the primary areas of coffee production in the world.  After growing up around Costa Rican coffee farms, Tico came to the States to study. He obtained his degrees from two U.S. universities, where he met Aloha, his wife, friend and partner. They decided to go live in Venezuela where Tico worked first as a university professor and then as a logistics specialist in the banking and brewery industries and ultimately was the president of 3,500 acre pond surface shrimp farm that produced 3.5 million pounds of tails per year. After several successful years in Venezuela, due to uneasiness about the direction of the country, Tico and Aloha decided to move to the States.

Upon settling in Southwest Florida, Tico decided his career path would lead him to owning and managing his own business. After researching various business models, he settled upon coffee service. Aside from it being an interesting business model, he liked the idea of being in coffee. He remembered his childhood days going often to his grandfather’s coffee farm in Costa Rica and playing with his cousins among the coffee plants. He remembered how the red cherries looked on the plants, the harvesting, the washing, the pulp removal, and finally, the roasting. So coffee service was not only an attractive business model; coffee was in his veins from the beginning. Thus The Java Butler was born!

Initially, Tico invested in several machines and learned to service them, familiarizing himself with multiple types of machines.  After a few initial missteps choosing equipment at the onset of the business, he learned from his mistakes and now only offers the most state of the art equipment.  One example of this is the deJong Virtu machine, a touch screen unit which The Java Butler was the first to offer in the state of Florida.

The Java Butler supplies complete coffee service so that its clients can in turn concentrate on serving their own customers’ needs, rather than investing their time and cash flow on items not directly related to their business.  As the owner of The Java Butler, Tico strives to maintain the appropriate company size to ensure that the owners themselves personally service their clients which include universities, high schools, restaurants, offices, medical and dental offices, investment companies, furniture stores, and automobile distributors.  The Java Butler has shown steady growth over the years, yet still remains at a small enough size to allow for personalized, one-on-one service.

Tico is recognized as a Certified Coffee Specialist by NAMA. It is the coffee service industry’s Mark of Distinction to recognize each designee as an industry leader.

Aloha Moreno

Growing up in Venezuela, all Aloha knew about coffee was that it was something that was ground manually in her home, then dripped and that adults consumed it black and children were given cups of steaming milk to which a dribble of sweetened strong black coffee was added. And that’s all coffee would ever mean to her, as far as she could imagine, just something to drink.  Little did she know.

After obtaining degrees from Tulane University, where she met Tico, and Clemson University, she dedicated herself to education. Tico and Aloha moved to Caracas, Venezuela where they taught at a private university for several years. Next they moved to Maracaibo, Venezuela which they thought would be their forever home. Life was good: their two girls were busy in school, Tico and Aloha were working successfully in their chosen fields, and all of them were healthy. And as far as they could envision, they were where they wanted to be, then and in the future. Ah, but tides change! And countries, once considered stable, crumble.

Sooner than later, they were looking at moving to the States, searching for safety and security at all levels. After a time, she heard Tico talking about going into coffee. And her mind flashed back to a visit they had made to Costa Rica right after marrying so that she could meet all of Tico’s extended family. While there, his grandfather invited the family to spend the day at his coffee farm and thus Aloha was introduced to the world of coffee! His grandfather invited her to walk with him, just the two of them, through the coffee plants, taking care to explain the process of coffee farming and showing her the small, round, red cherries that eventually would end up as someone’s delicious drink. She remembers that it seemed very important to him that she understand this world of his. Flash forward: Now as they searched for a new business activity, they were contemplating a return to Tico’s ancestral roots, although no longer at the beginning of the process, but at its end!

Years later, here they are gratefully dedicated to and engaged in maintaining The Java Butler. And as its name so aptly implies, they are committed to offering the best – prompt, professional, and caring – service their customers could wish for, today and everyday! And, of course, freshly brewed coffee – one cup at a time!

Federico Bohorquez

Federico is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He attended Yale University and Graduate School at the University of Oklahoma Medical School where he obtained his degree in Pathology. His thesis was in Comparative Atherosclerosis, after extensive research at the Institute for Comparative Pathology, and numerous publications in national and international medical journals, as well as presentations in many Symposia on the topic.

He married his life-long wife Linda, of Cherokee ascendancy, and member of the Daughters of American Revolution, and returned to Venezuela. After two decades of dedication to private enterprise and industry, he returned to the United States to settle his family and provide his children the opportunity of higher education. He became Vice-President and International School Director of an esthetics company based in New York City, where he ran the flagship operation and global branches for ten years.

Spinning his wheels in retirement, Federico received a call from his friend Tico “The Java Butler”, to join him as partner in developing a thriving enterprise…..and “lo and behold,” we have formed a wonderful productive team that serves our expanding client base!